What we do

RL Canning is an Information Technology Services provider that is dedicated to making our customers successful. We offer innovative solutions and services that are specifically designed to accomplish your business objectives. On our Services page, you can check out the broad portfolio of IT managed services we offer, which includes the primary services below as well as some specialty services we see many organizations need.

End User Support

User expectations have evolved dramatically with the advent of cloud and mobile technology. They expect convenient options and a great service experience. With our IT Service Desk and Workplace Support services, you will be able to deliver an improved user experience while driving efficiencies and improved cost effectiveness.

Project & Systems Integration

Expectations from executive stakeholders is for users to adopt new technology and move the needle on business performance. We take a different approach to integration lifecycle services and specialize in project teams that can provide full service capabilities, working closely with customers so they can adjust quickly to changing priorities.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Demand for services with non-stop availability, unlimited capacity, and peak performance makes every decision an organization makes about its infrastructure mission-critical. Our services cut through the complexity and strike a balance between cost, availability, and agility that is unique for every business.

Risk & Compliance Services

Maintaining compliance and remediating security risks can be incredibly complicated and require orchestration across various business, IT, and vendor teams. We can help manage these complex programs, improve your security posture, and ensure timely closure of items with minimal business impact.

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Why RL Canning?

For over 15 years, we’ve worked with customers from Fortune 1000 companies to Government organizations. What we have learned through this experience is that our customers appreciate our innovative solutions, adaptable services model, and our collaborative approach. These traits are made possible by our five core enablers, which make RL Canning the best partner for your IT Service needs.

  • People & Core Values

    You need great people to achieve success. We take great pride and care that our people have strong technical skills and exhibit our core values every single day.

    We value our values. They define what we value. The standards of behavior, principals, competencies and capabilities we hold in high regard. We don’t just talk about our values, we live them every day. If you don’t believe us, just ask our customers.

  • Customer Engagement

    Your trust is incredibly important to us. We built our Customer Engagement Model to make sure we are doing everything we can to make you successful and earn your trust.

    Each engagement starts with a Connect session in which we define what success looks like. We’re not talking SLAs…..this is a discussion on your business objectives and desired outcomes. As we deliver, we’ll measure the results, identify improvements, and report on progress or gaps. We’ll adjust together as necessary because your definition of success is constantly evolving as your business evolves.

  • Adaptability

    The one certainty that you can count on in business today is that the pace of change and disruption is only going to get faster. Your IT services need to be designed to enable your business to succeed in this era of uncertainty.

    Our service design framework aligns IT services to the needs of your business and help you strike a balance between cost and speed, compliance and innovation, and service levels and productivity. Our services are designed for flexibility, adaptability, and improving business performance.

  • Delivery Operating Model

    Our Delivery Operating Model is based on IT Service Management (ITSM) leading practices. But that’s not what makes us unique. We complement ITSM with Lean and a philosophy of continuous improvement. Our people are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT. We never stop learning and improving.

  • User Experience

    User Experience (UX) encompasses every interaction your employees, customers, and business partners have with your IT services. Users today are more connected, more informed, and have higher than ever expectations of Information Technology.

    We’ll partner with you to define your most important users, their perceptions, expectations, and needs, and design an experience that exceeds their expectations. Your users will love you for it. Your business will appreciate the improved productivity.

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