Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration solutions like Skype present IT teams an incredible opportunity to transform how companies work. However, they also require new thinking about deployment and support. We can help deploy, support, and optimize.

Service features

Whether you are just getting started planning your deployment or you are already deployed and looking to optimize your return on investment, we have an offering that can help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Deployment services

    Implementing collaboration solutions like Skype for Business is a different kind of beast. A lot of different components have to come together for it to work. Additionally, your end users need the right tools and the right training to start adopting the new technology and getting the value. We have experience in managing complex deployments like this and can help you make your program a big success.

  • Enhanced support

    Imagine one of your key users gets set to start a meeting using the new solution you just put in place. Uh oh, there’s a problem. There’s no time to call the help desk and wait. They need help now! Providing your users an enhanced experience is key to adoption and value. We can help provide an enhanced service experience and help your users be successful.

  • Optimization

    There are two key activities required to get optimal value of the huge investment you make in collaboration solutions. User adoption and legacy retirement. Our team will help you measure usage, identify gaps, and implement actions to ensure optimal adoption and value to your end users. Our technical experts will help you coordinate the retirement of legacy infrastructure and solutions and measure the cost reduction.

Do you want to discuss how we can help you get the most value from your collaboration investment?

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Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration solutions, such as Skype, present an incredible opportunity to transform how companies work. However, they also require new thinking. We can help deploy, support, and optimize your collaboration solutions.

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