Specialty Site Support

Not all of your sites fit with the standard service levels. Some sites have unique IT needs. For example, manufacturing sites, engineering locations, and research facilities to name a few. Provide these sites the enhanced services they need.

Service features

Versatility is the best way to describe our site support experts. We find people that have an incredible breadth of technical skills combined with excellent service and communications skills. One day they are pulling wire and the next they are advising your engineers on technology decisions. Our team can manage it all for your unique locations.

  • Workplace support

    Our site support resources can provide level two deskside support to your site users. Their knowledge of the site and the unique needs makes them better suited to provide workplace support. Whether it’s a manufacturing site, research facility, or highly regulated site, our people will know how to get the job done fast and keep things running.

  • Application support

    Specialty sites often have specialty applications. Examples include engineering design systems, manufacturing control solutions, and computers attached to lab or research equipment. Our team understands how to handle these unique applications and will work with the business owner to manage these critical systems for your business.

  • Infrastructure support

    Engineering cluster down? LIMS system not working? Manufacturing control system offline? Lab instrument frozen? Our people spend time understanding the ins and outs of your toughest sites. They form close relationships with your business users and work closely with them to keep your sites producing value.

Do you want to talk about how to improve the experience for your toughest sites?

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Your Needs. Our People.

Persona Enhanced Services

Standard service levels can be a productivity challenge for some of your key user personas like executives, engineering, and frequent travelers. We can help provide enhanced support and a great experience to these key users.

Specialty Site Support

Not all of your sites fit with the standard service levels. Some sites, like manufacturing and R&D, have unique IT needs. Provide these sites the enhanced services they need.

Major Refresh Programs

Refresh programs can be challenging to manage. It takes incredible coordination and communication between teams to make it work and minimize business disruption. We can help make your refresh programs a success.

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Collaboration solutions, such as Skype, present an incredible opportunity to transform how companies work. However, they also require new thinking. We can help deploy, support, and optimize your collaboration solutions.

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