Managed Platform Services

Streamlining IT Systems

Discover RL Canning’s Managed Platform Services, which are dedicated to optimizing your software platforms with dynamic and reliable solutions.

We provide comprehensive services for diverse systems like ServiceNow, Nexthink, M365, and UEM platforms, including Microsoft Intune, Microsoft SCCM, and VMware Workspace ONE.

RL Canning works collaboratively with our customers to manage and unify their digital ecosystems, seamlessly connecting their disparate platforms to enhance functionality and streamline workflows. This approach dramatically increases efficiency and unlocks automation.

Committed to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction levels, RL Canning is your trusted advisor through the complex world of IT platforms.

why rl canning

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of IT platforms including Microsoft, ServiceNow, Workspace ONE and Nexthink. We specialize in consolidating and integrating critical IT platforms to streamline business process and help customers navigate the complexities of the digital landscape more effectively, driving growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage to reach unprecedented heights of success.

the rl canning approach

With more than two decades of experience behind us, our team does more than just provide IT services. We build lasting partnerships that align our strategies and recommendations with our clients’ specific business objectives.

Fundamental Concepts

Holistic and Integrated Approach

We offer a comprehensive range of managed and hosted solutions to meet our customers at their point of need.  With everything from day-to-day platform administration to more advanced platform DevOps optimization, integration and  automation.

Lean IT Mindset

Embracing a Lean IT and agile philosophy, our team prioritizes doing things efficiently and effectively. providing ongoing management and DevOps optimization in a way that streamlines the platform and improves user experiences. This approach allows customers to unlock the capabilities of their existing technologies.

Robust Delivery Methodology

Our Delivery Operating Methodology is the foundation of our services. It consists of essential components like ownership, proactive engagement, clear KPI’s and continuous feedback loops. We integrate our team into your operations for reliable and effective service delivery.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Drawing on our deep expertise and proactive approach, we continuously seek out and implement strategic enhancements. Our vigilant focus on optimization not only strengthens our clients’ operations but also consistently adds value, empowering them to fully leverage their investments for optimal outcomes.

Overview of RL Canning’s Specialized Services

Elevate end-user experiences with our Managed DEX Services, ensuring optimal performance and proactive issue resolution.

• Proactively detect and resolve digital experience issues.

• Empower your support teams with additional insights and end-point analytics.

• Continuously monitor and refine performance for better outcomes.

Experience the power of ServiceNow, with a dedicated hosted solution.

• Reduce the complexity of operating the dynamic ServiceNow ITSM platform with a hosted and managed solution.

• Access ServiceNow’s robust platform without the burden of high upfront costs.

• Achieve quicker value realization with pre-implemented best practices.

• Free up IT leaders to concentrate on realizing the value of the platform by offloading support responsibilities.

• Harness the full potential and benefits of ServiceNow, minus the typical implementation challenges and lengthy implementation project.

Discover the potential of managing your endpoints in a truly modern way with RL Canning’s Managed UEM services for Microsoft and VMware.

• Effectively manage every step of the hardware lifecycle across all end user devices.

• Optimize software and license management with a modern UEM platform.

• Capitalize on the benefits of your investment in a modern endpoint management platform without the burden of a dedicated support team.

• Streamline employee onboarding through a zero-touch endpoint deployment model.

• Allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives by embracing automation and offloading day-to-day management.

• Automate endpoint patching and device compliance.

Access to expert engineering support whenever and wherever needed.

• On-demand and dedicated engineers and architects across various technologies.

• Address a backlog of requests and enable your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

• Named engineer become an extension of your team for focused technology support.

• Quickly fill skill gaps by providing instant access to experts, addressing immediate technical needs.

Optimizes your Microsoft 365 environment for greater efficiency and security.

• Prepare for Microsoft Copilot through proper controls and governance.

• Fortify your environment with strengthened security policies and enforcement.

• Ensure industry best practices and proper configuration of Microsoft 365.

managed Platform services expertise

Over the years, RL Canning has discovered that the most effective Managed Platform optimization approaches are those that create actionable solutions, specifically crafted to address the unique challenges of each client. By leveraging our expertise, our customers can gain invaluable insights into emerging technologies, industry best practices, and innovative strategies. Driving your business towards unparalleled success.

If you are looking for a long-term, strategic partner who is just as committed to your success as you are, our team is ready to help.

Empower Your Technology

Let’s collaborate to elevate your technology capabilities and propel your business forward.