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end-to-end IT lifecycle solutions

By leveraging RL Canning’s decades of experience in lifecycle planning, tracking, and scheduling, you can ensure your IT infrastructure remains modern and secure. Our lifecycle management services are designed to optimize resource usage and performance during all stages of your assets’ service life.

We understand managing the lifecycle of IT equipment and software has become increasingly complex over the past 20 years. As technology evolves faster than ever and new solutions emerge, businesses must stay on top of hardware and software upgrades, migrations, and replacement of devices to keep their employees happy and productive.

Lifecycle Management Challenges

Every device an employee uses has a lifecycle. Managing these assets over the long term can be difficult. Today, many employees utilize more than just a desktop or laptop. With the addition of tablets, phones, and other devices in the mix, it’s easy to see how IT managers can be overwhelmed by lifecycle management. These complexities are made worse as a company grows in size. Many clients are facing asset lifecycle challenges, including:

  • Inefficient CMDB (change management database) & asset management procedures.
  • Poor workflow management from procurement through disposal.
  • Laborious manual PC deployment.
  • Inconsistent and delayed support for broken hardware.
  • Lack of oversight in sustainable disposal procedures.
  • No re-marketing plans in place.

Founded in 2000, the team at RL Canning creates tailor-fit lifecycle management strategies for our clients. As lifecycle management is not easy to administer for many organizations, we are proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry for taking the time to get to know our clients, and their businesses, so we can develop lifecycle management programs that meet their exact needs.

RL Canning’s lifecycle strategy begins with a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ current processes, and needs. From there, we can develop a tailor-fit plan that drives positive outcomes, saves time and money, maximizes efficiencies, and is scalable for future growth.

Not every device should have a replacement cycle of 3 to 5 years. We can help enterprises achieve significant cost savings by taking a modern approach to replacing PCs based on health and performance instead of age.

We can transform your order and fulfillment process from manual to automated, utilizing the latest in lifecycle management technology.

The Technology We Utilize

Our team leverages Nexthink, ServiceNow , and other UEM automation solutions to help businesses streamline asset lifecycle management for seamless deployment, maintenance, and retirement of devices. We incorporate lifecycle management into an overall Modern Workplace strategy that helps our clients reach their full potential.

Lifecycle Services

RL Canning’s comprehensive lifecycle management services can provide your organization with the expertise needed to automate and strategically manage your lifecycle management process with ease and efficiency.

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