About Us

Partnering For Success in a Digital World

RL Canning is a global IT managed service and consultancy dedicated to working alongside our customers to enhance the digital workplace with a clear focus on value by maximizing technology and operational excellence.

Our service portfolio and ecosystem of digital innovators offer industry leading solutions and integrated expertise that are designed with each unique customer in mind to deliver a sustained effort to achieve better and faster results that are aligned to enduring strategic outcomes.

who we are

Twenty-five years ago, we were inspired to start an organization that authentically focused on building great teams passionate about customer success. The mission then was to create “Raving Fans” with every employee, partner, and customer, a phrase that has become legendary at RL Canning to represent the experience. It was based on a simple business principle: we wanted every interaction with our organization to be positive, understanding that our customers’ success was our success. We have never been concerned with being the biggest; being the best has always been most important to us. Our reputation has always meant everything, whether it came from a customer reference or an employee referral. We recognized early in our history the value of “Raving Fans” to the growth and sustainability of RL Canning.

We work alongside many customers in the Fortune 1000 and government, taking on the challenges of the modern digital workplace. We reflect proudly on our reputation and the experiences that have led to continued organic growth and investment in our organizational capabilities. Today, we have evolved and matured, harboring more ambition for innovation within a sophisticated operating model that allows us to consistently deliver effectively for our customers on a larger scale. Yet, the simple principle and pursuit of “Raving Fans” endure, forming the foundation of our brand, culture, and mission that guides us every day in everything we do at RL Canning.

We remain passionate about the value of technology, functional, and operational excellence, but recognize that our values, behaviors, and relationships create a more holistic experience. We never intended for RL Canning to be just the two of us; it has grown through the experiences and contributions of so many great employees, alumni, partners, and customers who came together in collaboration to co-create solutions that led to success. We thank you all and hope that everyone who interacts with our brand has a great experience.

Our continuous aspiration is to be the most distinguished brand in the marketplace, recognized for our impact on our customers’ success and empowering our communities for a better future.


The relentless commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and unquestionable value to customers and in our communities with a passionate culture of people.

our values

Our core values are the foundation of our culture. They act as the compass for behavior within our organization, directing actions, informing decisions, and shaping relationships. These guiding principles are essential to the consistency in the pursuit of our Mission.


Actively models conduct and behavior consistently with Core Values and the highest ethical standards. Implements professional strategies that enhance the organization’s image and reputation. Values diversity and is inclusive of thoughts, perspectives, beliefs, backgrounds and cultures.

customer focus

Impacts value to the customer with a clear focus on satisfaction and responsiveness to the customer experience.  Accurately identifies the customer perspective and considers what customers think about in terms of service expectations.


Adjusts effectively and maintains a tolerance for ambiguity, shifting business demands and priorities. Uses situational awareness and accurately captures cultural, political and motivational influences to adapt style and approach to achieve desired outcomes.


Builds rapport and engages others interpersonally to achieve mutually beneficial and positive working relationships.  Is approachable and accurately assesses interpersonal cues and maintains awareness to build trust and confidence.


Be a leader. Takes initiative to engage in our culture and align contributions to Core Values and goals.  Inspires others with a sense of clarity for where we are and a motivation for where we are going.  Is self-aware, sincere and empathetic, and relates to others to gain commitment.


Explores new opportunities and combines bold actions with intelligent risk taking to impact value. Takes initiative to continually improve, suggests alternatives to traditional practices, identifies problems worth solving and generates potential solutions.


Encourages others and has fun with a personal style that affects others positively and enhances our culture. Open to new experiences and challenges with a compelling desire to succeed. Takes pride in contributions, results and achievements with a competitive spirit and determination to make impact every day.


Accepts accountability for behavior, actions and outcomes within a particular organizational role. Takes responsibility and achieves autonomy by aligning expectations with strong commitment to Core Values and performance.

functional excellence

Applies professional skills, knowledge, capabilities, competencies and discretion required to achieve autonomy and effectiveness in particular organizational role.


people & Core Values

Great people and shared values with functional capabilities aligned to achieve customer success.

Customer Engagement

Relationship management that is strategically engaged and aligned to customer outcomes.

delivery model

Capabilities organized to deliver predictable performance with the flexibility to adapt ongoing customer needs.


Focus on transformation and continuous service improvement.

Let’s Make IT Happen Together.

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