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Large Public School District



Needed an IT managed service partner who could provide modern workplace support for 400,000+ end user devices and drive delivery assurance for all their resolver teams supporting their portfolio of over 150 service areas.

Wanted to consolidate several disparate vendors and teams by integrating all Level 1 support under a single service desk provider with tight integration to Level 2 workplace support.


RLC assumed responsibility for Level 1 service desk and Level 2 workplace support. Services are provided to schools, central offices, and even parents.

RLC established a delivery assurance model, with service governance, for driving escalation performance, queue management, and end user communication standards across all services and resolver teams.

RLC established weekly and monthly operating reviews, ensuring performance is consistently aligned with desired outcomes.  With a key focus on customer satisfaction and continuous service improvement (CSI).


Achieved 15 second average speed to answer (ASA) and  94% satisfaction rate for callers to the service desk.

Achieved average of 81% first call resolution rate for service desk requests.

Reduced the number of open and aged tickets by more than 50% across all resolver teams (RLC and client).

RLC routinely collaborates with Client Service Owners and all resolver teams around opportunities for support improvement, taking ownership to implement changes, and drive efficiencies.  

Luxury Jewelry Retailer


Reduction of SCCM distribution point infrastructure
Managed Global Endpoints


Complex, global architecture that was expensive to maintain.

The organization had just been acquired by a larger corporation and many legacy technologies used by IT needed to be retired with the functions migrated to a common platform.  

Was using a legacy SCCM platform for endpoint management while the parent company utilized VMware Workspace ONE. 

The client wished to migrate to the modern VMware platform to increase compliance, allow for internet-based connectivity, and also lower cost, however, due to the complexity of the environment, the parent company’s service provider was unable to assist. 


RL Canning began by assessing the architecture and infrastructure to determine if it was fit for the purpose that the global business required. 

Provided a Transformational Roadmap that included: 

  • Developing a comprehensive strategy for the transition from SCCM to Workspace ONE that included all facets of endpoint management.  
  • Enabling the ability to manage endpoints for remote/work-from-home users over the internet. 
  • Defining a strategy for and implementing a migration of group policies from the on-premises platform to the modern cloud-based Workspace ONE. 

Performed a proof of concept for migrating to VMware Workspace ONE to reduce infrastructure requirements and increase capabilities (migration planning underway).

Rearchitected the distribution point infrastructure on the existing SCCM platform to eliminate unnecessary hardware. 

A multitude of applications and group polices were recreated, on-premises PXE imaging was replaced with factory internet-based provisioning and a robust patching methodology was put in place which covered Windows patches to bios updates. 


Significantly increased security, compliance, and endpoint stability.

Greater visibility with Power BI-based data analysis.

Realized substantial cost savings by reducing distribution point infrastructure on the current SCCM platform by over 90%.

This strategy allowed us to scale across over 13,000 managed global endpoints.

Aerospace and Security Corporation


Devices implemented with Digital Experience Management
Cost savings identified


Customer’s End User Experience was difficult to manage because of limited visibility. They did not have proactive capability to identify when users had problems and understand the impact to the end user unless reported.   ​

High volumes of incidents were occurring, but most were not reported. The ability to identify the scope, probable cause and impact to the business was a challenge. ​

Visibility and accuracy of Configuration Items (CI’s) and assets was a challenge. The ability to make data driven decisions on the validity of an accurate CMDB is critical to IT spend, compliance and the overall business.


RL Canning implemented the Nexthink Digital Experience Platform (DEX) on 1,300 devices for a Proof of Value (POV).  After a successful POV, the number of devices increased to 6,500 devices across 3 business units.​

RL Canning provided an implementation and managed service to assist the customer in evaluating the findings, setting up reporting and dashboards, and trained the client end user support team on utilizing the tool.  ​

The RL Canning Managed Service continuously monitored the platform for performance, issues, health and worked with the customer to create  “Campaigns” and “Investigations” to continually provide additional insight to end user issues and resolve common problems.


Nexthink was able to provide insights and data to pinpoint ongoing issues such as:​

  • Need for firmware upgrades for Smartcards to help with lockouts​
  • Multiple security agents installed causing application crashes​
  • Identified one user backing up large files daily causing performance issues for all users​
  • Identified system drivers causing crashes for executives.  Was able to identify and resolve the issue without ever physically touching the executive’s device.​
  • Identified $650K cost savings for unused software installations (MS Project, MS Visio, etc.)

Global Manufacturer


Managed endpoints
Annual support hours eliminated


A Windows print spooler vulnerability named “PrintNightmare” was revealed which allowed attackers to gain administrative privileges on Windows PCs. 

The severity of this vulnerability required swift action, thus revealing a common content delivery flaw many organizations faced with traditional UEM on-prem based applications: PCs were required to be on VPN to receive critical Windows patches.  

With remote workforces expanding exponentially, this greatly reduced the frequency of when PCs were connected to the enterprise network. 


A few months prior to the PrintNightmare public disclosure, and following a current-state assessment, RL Canning presented a proposal to enhance the content delivery methodology of their existing UEM application (SCCM) to allow internet-based devices to communicate and receive content from SCCM without the reliance on VPN.  

RL Canning worked collaboratively with the client to advise and address concerns, enabling fast tracking the Azure Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) solution.  

RL Canning quickly developed a project plan specific to the client’s custom architecture and implemented the Azure CMG technology in accordance with their IT governance and security standards. 

Additionally, RL Canning provides ongoing managed and professional services for over 12,000 endpoints utilizing co-management technology with SCCM/Intune and JAMF.  The ongoing services include device patching, software packaging/deployment and PC/Mac image management/maintenance globally.   

RL Canning has also performed consultation services for the evaluation of both Intune and Workspace ONE to advise the customer on modern management capabilities with unified endpoint management. 


Once the Azure CMG was implemented, this client rapidly began seeing increased critical update compliance on end user devices, substantially strengthening their overall security posture.  

Through RL Canning’s trusted advisory services this client was able to proactively eliminate thousands of support hours annually and avoided significant end user disruption.  

As an added benefit, the increased internet-based device communication also enables an enhanced and up to date CMDB. 

RL Canning continues to provide continuous improvement through ongoing enhancements and development to the UEM platform. 

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