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As a ServiceNow partner, RL Canning is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge ServiceNow solutions, designed to streamline operations, enhance service management, and drive digital transformation for your business.

RL Canning specializes in unlocking the full potential of ServiceNow for our clients, whether you already own the platform or are considering a hosted solution. We provide tailored solutions to maximize the value of your ServiceNow investment. From optimizing configurations and workflows to implementing advanced features and integrations, we ensure that clients leverage ServiceNow to its fullest extent, driving efficiency, innovation, and business growth.

End-to-end Servicenow solutions

At RL Canning, we are equipped to meet our clients at their exact point of need, whether it involves consulting, implementing, optimizing, or hosting ServiceNow solutions. We can aid you in unlocking the full potential of ServiceNow for transformative results.

Unveiling the Power of a Hosted Solution

For those exploring ServiceNow for the first time, our experienced team offers comprehensive guidance and support to assess their needs and determine if a hosted solution is the best fit for their organization. Our hosted solution offers numerous advantages over building your platform from the ground up.

This isn’t your typical ‘vanilla’ out-of-the-box deployment that demands significant effort to start reaping benefits. Instead, we’ve embraced a customer-centric approach where each new client benefits from the experience of those before them, all while ensuring complete segmentation and security. Through our ecosystem, you gain access to a wealth of capabilities and enhancements generated across our customer base. As one enhancement is deployed, it becomes available for all to consume, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

Hosted ServiceNow Solutions offer rapid deployment, allowing you to get up and running quickly without the need for complex setup and configuration. This enables customers to realize the benefits more quickly and focus their energy on enhancements that are specific to their business.

Our hosted solution is enriched with RL Canning’s and industry best practices around knowledge management, Service Operations Workspace, and others. Integrating these best practices can immediately elevate your organization’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our solution incorporates Entra (Azure AD) ID and Intune integration, providing a seamless experience for both user management and automated asset management. By seamlessly connecting user identities and devices, organizations can streamline operations and unlocks future automation potential and an enhanced end-user support experience.

ServiceNow offers unrivaled security and compliance through their Multitenant Platform Architecture, ensuring your data remains safeguarded from unauthorized access. With ServiceNow, your business can operate confidently in a protected environment, free to pursue growth and innovation without compromising on security.

Our hosted services alleviate IT overhead by providing a seamless, hassle-free solution that eliminates the need for maintaining and developing a complex platform. With us, your business can redirect resources towards core activities, accelerating growth and innovation while we handle the technical intricacies. Experience the advantage of reduced IT burden, empowering your team to focus on what truly matters.

Meeting you at your point of need

Meeting customers at their point of need requires a delicate balance between providing essential features without overwhelming them with unnecessary expenses or compromising on functionality. We understand the importance of avoiding overbuying expensive features that may not align with their current requirements. Likewise, opting for a bargain platform may seem cost-effective initially, but it often results in a lack of critical features, hindering efficiency and growth.

By offering tailored solutions through ServiceNow, we ensure that our customers receive precisely what they need, avoiding unnecessary expenses while providing robust features essential for their success. Our approach prioritizes customer satisfaction and long-term value, guaranteeing that they have the tools necessary to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

ServiceNow Insights

Explore our ServiceNow Insight articles to discover RL Canning’s expertise and perspectives on the evolving technology trends shaping the future of IT services and management. These articles serve as a valuable resource for clients looking to stay ahead of the curve, offering in-depth analysis and actionable advice on leveraging ServiceNow to its fullest potential.

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