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A shift in the marketplace

Our Hosted ServiceNow solution was developed to address a shift in the marketplace – now more than ever we are seeing customers who desire all of the great features of ServiceNow but are struggling to realize the full capabilities of what the platform can offer.  Many organizations are challenged with sourcing, training and maintaining a team of resources to support and improve the platform. Our solution offers all of the benefits of ServiceNow without the hidden costs or overhead of sourcing, hiring and training a team of developers. 

As a ServiceNow partner, RL Canning can help customers at every stage of their ServiceNow journey, from design to implementation as well as our turnkey Hosted ServiceNow solution.  We are committed to enabling our customers to realize the full potential of the ServiceNow platform from ITSM to ITOM and beyond.

Cost to Deploy
Per User, Per Month
Minimum Licenses

removing barriers

Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to adopt ServiceNow by removing many of the of the common barriers:

  • Purchasing licenses upfront
  • Lengthy professional services engagements to build out the platform
  • Minimum commitment of approximately 40 licenses
  • Sourcing and maintaining talent to support the platform

We then focus on working collaboratively with our customers to drive automation and platform integration; allowing them to realize the full potential of the ServiceNow platform, from automated asset management to zero-touch deployments.

maximize benefits without the overhead

Our Hosted solution was built from the ground up and optimized for hosting, keeping customer data secure through the native domain separation offering by ServiceNow. RL Canning handles all updates, patches, and routine maintenance, ensuring the system remains up-to-date and secure without requiring extensive in-house IT resources.

Focus on your core competencies while realizing the full potential of ServiceNow through our hosted solution.  

end-to-end servicenow expertise

RL Canning offers comprehensive assistance in optimizing the ServiceNow platform throughout every stage of its lifecycle. From initial implementation to integration and ongoing optimization, our team of experts provide tailored solutions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your ServiceNow investment. 

Through continuous optimization and support, we ensure that your ServiceNow platform evolves alongside your business, delivering sustained value and empowering you to achieve your desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.

ServiceNow Insights

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