Our services

We understand that organizations today have varying Information Technology needs. That’s why our services are customizable. You define what success looks like, then together we implement a solution to achieve your objectives.

End User Support

User expectations have evolved dramatically with the advent of cloud and mobile technology. They expect convenient options and a great service experience. With our IT Service Desk and Workplace Support services, you will be able to deliver an improved user experience while driving efficiencies and improved cost effectiveness.

Project & Systems Integration

Expectations from executive stakeholders is for users to adopt new technology and move the needle on business performance. We take a different approach to integration lifecycle services and specialize in project teams that can provide full service capabilities, working closely with customers so they can adjust quickly to changing priorities.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Demand for services with non-stop availability, unlimited capacity, and peak performance makes every decision an organization makes about its infrastructure mission-critical. Our services cut through the complexity and strike a balance between cost, availability, and agility that is unique for every business.

Risk & Compliance Services

Maintaining compliance and remediating security risks can be incredibly complicated and require orchestration across various business, IT, and vendor teams. We can help manage these complex programs, improve your security posture, and ensure timely closure of items with minimal business impact.

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Specialty services

While we offer a full range of IT managed services, we also find many organizations have a critical need for specialty services that no one else is filling. Here are some of the critical gaps we see in many organizations today and how we can help.

Persona Enhanced Services

Standard service levels can be a productivity challenge for some of your key user personas like executives, engineering, and frequent travelers. We can help provide enhanced support and a great experience to these key users.

Specialty Site Support

Not all of your sites fit with the standard service levels. Some sites, like manufacturing and R&D, have unique IT needs. Provide these sites the enhanced services they need.

Major Refresh Programs

Refresh programs can be challenging to manage. It takes incredible coordination and communication between teams to make it work and minimize business disruption. We can help make your refresh programs a success.

Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration solutions, such as Skype, present an incredible opportunity to transform how companies work. However, they also require new thinking. We can help deploy, support, and optimize your collaboration solutions.